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How Safe is OpenSSL? Part I

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The passing of the one-year anniversary of the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability – and a recent rash of highly exploitable vulnerabilities with names of lesser cachet – led me to wonder: Just how frequently are OpenSSL vulnerabilities reported, and what are their impacts? While Array has developed our own proprietary SSL stack for production traffic,...

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26 Aug, 15

Why Product Architecture Matters

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Last month, Array joined the Intel Network Builders program, which is working to accelerate the transition to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). As of this writing, the ecosystem has more than 150 vendor/members, as well as a growing list of end-user organizations. Joining the Intel program is another important milestone in...

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25 Jun, 15

Custom-Tailored Solutions for IaaS Providers

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We recently published a new case study on SoftLayer, an IBM company, that showcases how this major Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider is using Array’s APV Series application delivery controllers for Load-Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS) offerings. In addition, SoftLayer deploys Array’s AG Series secure access gateways to allow customers and SoftLayer administrators to manage infrastructure in their respective...

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19 May, 15

Which is King? The Network or the Applications?

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Back in the day, network speed and throughput were limiting factors for the overall productivity of an organization. Gigabit Ethernet came onto the scene in 1999, and offered a quantum leap in performance over previous connectivity standards. 10GbE was approved by IEEE in 2002, and slowly gained more widespread deployment as the switch vendors...

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23 Apr, 15

Multi-Tenant = Multi-Benefit.Meet the Enhanced AVX10650.

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Global Server Load Balancing, Link Load Balancing, Multi-Tenant, Server Load Balancing, SSL Acceleration, SSL Offloading, Virtualized ADC by

Last week, Array announced the second generation of the AVX10650 virtualized application delivery controller. Why is this important? It gives IaaS providers unprecedented flexibility to support multiple customers while managing just one appliance (or two, for high availability). Or, enterprises can support multiple applications, user types, etc. – again, with just one appliance (or...

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03 Feb, 15

A Hybrid Virtual/Dedicated Model for SSL/TLS Offloading

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In virtualized environments, SSL/TLS data encryption is commonly used to secure mission-critical and sensitive data as it transits to remote users and shared networks. Virtual application delivery controllers (ADCs) are also frequently deployed to provide SSL offloading from servers (reducing their load and thus improving performance) as well as application acceleration, load balancing across...

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13 Jan, 15