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Demystifying WAN Optimization

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Too often in the world of high tech, we get caught up in techno-speak (or as some call it, techno-babble). In many ways it is a natural outgrowth of describing highly complex networking concepts and techniques that defy any attempt to express them in more approachable terminology. We’re all guilty of it to some...

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09 Jun, 16

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’ with SSL VPNs

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Many IT managers have come to regard SSL VPN as a mere commodity technology – needed to provide secure access to network resources for remote and mobile workers, but about as exciting as plain oatmeal. Of course, securing remote access is the primary function of an SSL VPN appliance. However, just as network and...

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18 May, 16

5 Steps to 360° Application Security

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, BYOD Policy, Server Load Balancing, SSL Acceleration, SSL Offloading, SSL VPN, WAF, Web Application Firewall by

Array recently published a new white paper, titled ‘360° Application Security.’ The white paper describes an architecture for holistic multi-layer security for Web-based business operations that addresses all potential attack vectors, and does so in a coordinated manner using an architecture that will scale to meet the needs of a growing business. The infographic...

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04 Apr, 16

Check Out Array’s Guest Post on the Nutanix Elevate Blog

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Server Load Balancing, SSL Acceleration, SSL Offloading, Virtualized ADC by

You may have read recently about Array joining the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program. Nutanix earlier today posted a guest blog from Array titled “Array Networks and Nutanix Acropolis Change the Paradigm for Virtualization TCO.” The blog post explores the history of virtualization and cloud, and how the Nutanix enterprise cloud, in conjunction with...

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17 Mar, 16

Choosing the Right SSL VPN Solution

posted in Multi-Tenant, SSL VPN by

Other Array authors have written in the past about the value of SSL VPNs in supporting BYOD, and in the technology’s overall value as a key component of the network security infrastructure. SSL VPN – a.k.a. TLS VPN, secure access gateway, etc. – is a pretty mature technology; however if you are planning for...

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15 Mar, 16

How Safe is OpenSSL? Part III: Best Practices

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Server Load Balancing, SSL VPN, Virtualized ADC by

In parts I and II of this blog series, we examined the frequency and severity of OpenSSL vulnerabilities, and key differences between OpenSSL and Array’s proprietary SSL stack. In this final edition of the series, we’ve promised to provide useful tips and techniques as well as best practices to help you use SSL while...

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16 Dec, 15

A Cloud-y but Bright Future for Application Delivery Networking

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Global Server Load Balancing, Server Load Balancing by

You may have noticed a recent flurry of activity from Array centered around cloud initiatives. Within the past two months, we’ve announced availability of our vAPV virtual application delivery controller on both the AWS Marketplace, and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. These public cloud offerings provide a great deal of flexibility, often at a very...

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08 Dec, 15

How Safe is OpenSSL? Part II

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In Part I of this mini-blog series, I briefly explored the frequency and severity of OpenSSL vulnerabilities, and presented an infographic/timeline of a number of vulnerabilities that posed a very high exploitability subscore (i.e. they were deemed much easier for a malefactor to exploit than other vulnerabilities). As I stated in that post, this...

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03 Nov, 15

One UX to Rule Them All

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Balancing the dissimilar needs of network security and employee productivity has long been a conundrum for IT professionals. Network threats, from malware to malicious attackers to data leakage, continue to grow unabated as criminals mine for sensitive business data that can be converted to cold hard cash. Meanwhile, employees are becoming ever more mobile,...

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08 Oct, 15