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AVX Network Functions Platform: Imagine the Possibilities

posted in ADC, Network Functions Platform, Server Load Balancing, Virtualized ADC by

We’ve blogged fairly frequently about our AVX Series over the past couple of years. In its initial incarnations, this multi-tenant, virtualized appliance supported multiple Array virtual appliances (load balancing and SSL VPN, primarily) with guaranteed performance and variable-sized instances. Many of our IaaS, SaaS and enterprise customers have embraced the AVX Series for its...

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06 Apr, 17

Choosing the Right ADC Deployment Model

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Global Server Load Balancing, Multi-Tenant, Server Load Balancing, SSL Offloading, virtual adc, Virtualized ADC by

Today there are more deployment models than ever before for load balancing and application delivery. The trick is know which one, or which combination of these models, is the best fit for your needs. As in any choice in networking deployment models, there can be trade-offs that need to be evaluated carefully – typically...

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27 Feb, 17

3 Application Delivery Trends for 2017

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Welcome to a New Year! 2016 was a tumultuous year in IT and as usual, industry publications, bloggers and others are rolling out their reviews of the previous year and their predictions for the coming year. Array has a unique vantage point on networking and security, as our products interface with one or more...

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11 Jan, 17

RDP Under Attack: How to Protect against Trojan.sysscan

posted in SSL VPN by

The cat-and-mouse game of network security is constantly evolving, as hackers come up with new ways to get to the ‘cheese’ – the lucrative personal and corporate financial, tax and banking information that can pay off handsomely for the bad guys, while wreaking havoc on unwitting victims. One of the latest malware/attack variants, disclosed...

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01 Dec, 16

Array Partner shows Extreme Commitment to Customers & Service

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Array Channel Partner iSECURE recently posted a new blog regarding the many reasons customers in the greater New York metropolitan area should consider partnering with them for their network security needs. iSECURE has had a singular focus on security for many years, and their staff has extensive certifications and experience in all manner of...

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18 Nov, 16

Virtual Environment Performance without Compromise

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, IaaS, LBaaS, Multi-Tenant, Virtualized ADC by

Without a doubt, the age of virtualization is here. The Accenture Enterprise Survey 2016 found that 95% of enterprises (small, medium and large) believe that all network services will be virtualized. Similarly, 88% of respondents to an SDxCentral survey felt that finding a network virtualization solution was either important or mission critical. An Array...

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13 Oct, 16

5 Tips for a Smoother SSL VPN Deployment

posted in SSL VPN by

SSL VPN technology has been around for more than a decade, and is commonly deployed to provide safe, secure remote and mobile access for users. While the technology is quite mature, if you’re deploying an SSL VPN for the first time, or for the first time in a while, there are a few tips...

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10 Aug, 16

In-Depth vAPV Review: TsooRaD blog

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Server Load Balancing, virtual adc by

A shout out to John Weber, Skype for Business MVP, who recently posted a very thorough review of Array’s vAPV virtual application delivery controller for use with Microsoft applications such as Lync and Skype. John is a Skype for Business MVP (2015) – before that, a Lync Server MVP (2010-2014). Read the complete review...

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29 Jun, 16

Demystifying WAN Optimization

posted in WAN Optimization by

Too often in the world of high tech, we get caught up in techno-speak (or as some call it, techno-babble). In many ways it is a natural outgrowth of describing highly complex networking concepts and techniques that defy any attempt to express them in more approachable terminology. We’re all guilty of it to some...

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09 Jun, 16

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’ with SSL VPNs

posted in BYOD Policy, SSL VPN by

Many IT managers have come to regard SSL VPN as a mere commodity technology – needed to provide secure access to network resources for remote and mobile workers, but about as exciting as plain oatmeal. Of course, securing remote access is the primary function of an SSL VPN appliance. However, just as network and...

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18 May, 16

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