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Array’s WAN Optimization Controllers Redesigned, Upgraded and Renamed

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Earlier today, Array announced a completely redesigned and revamped architecture for our WAN Optimization Controller product line. Along with the new architecture, we’ve also added a number of new features to simplify deployment and day-to-day operations, and major upgrades to the Configuration Management System (CMS). And in addition to these major changes, we’ve also...

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13 Feb, 18

2018: The Year of Enterprise NFV

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Traditionally, network functions virtualization and software-defined networking have been parallel concepts – with NFV widely adopted by major telcos, while SDN has been much more the focus of enterprises. In 2018, we believe that we will begin to see a major shift as enterprises begin to explore the business and operational benefits that NFV...

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30 Jan, 18

Meltdown and Spectre: Array Products Not Affected

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Update May 23, 2018 – U.S. CERT and the Department of Homeland Security have announced additional vulnerabilities under TA18-141A: Side-Channel Vulnerabiity Variants 3a and 4. As with the original Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities detailed below, Array products listed in this article are not affected. By now, most members of IT staff and management have...

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12 Jan, 18

And the Survey Says: NFV!

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Channel Partners, one of the premier media covering indirect sales channels that serve the tech industry, ran a poll on their site on December 13 that asked in part, “What’s the next big ‘software-defined’ sales opportunity?” By a wide margin, respondents chose the trend toward NFV and virtual network functions (VNFs) replacing dedicated appliances...

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18 Dec, 17

Major Enhancements for Array’s Load Balancers Released

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Global Server Load Balancing, Server Load Balancing, SSL Intercept by

Recently, Array released software version of our ArrayOS for the APV Series application delivery controllers. This new version offers a number of major new features and enhancements, which will help customers and partners expand load balancing capabilities to new use cases. First and foremost, APV adds custom-tailored support for Oracle Tuxedo. Tuxedo...

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14 Nov, 17

10 Steps to a Smoother ADC Deployment (plus a Bonus)

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According to Wikipedia, application delivery controllers (a.k.a. load balancers) began to hit the IT market around 2004. Array was founded in 2000; as company legend has it, one of our earliest engineers became frustrated at the lack of server resources to demonstrate a project he was working on – as a startup, budgets were...

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05 Oct, 17

New Array AVX Series Software Release – AVX 2.5

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We’re very pleased to announce the release of AVX 2.5, which brings a number of new features and capabilities to the AVX Series Network Functions Platform. Key highlights include: Virtual switch enhancements, including support for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), VLAN, multi-queue and port mirroring, as well as support for a unique and fixed MAC...

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01 Aug, 17

Getting from ‘Could’ to ‘Cloud’

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In a recent email, an esteemed co-worker* typed ‘could era,’ when he/she intended to write ‘cloud era.’ Or perhaps they were the victim of another one of those unfortunate spell-check autocorrects like ‘covfefe’ may have been – or not. It’s best to leave that to the political pundits to try to decipher. But that...

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26 Jul, 17

The Dystopian New Normal of Ransomware

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In the IT world, it’s become sort of a dystopian new normal to see massive, headline-grabbing network attacks, often on a global scale. The latest of these, just over a month ago, was WannaCry – which was estimated to have infected more than 200,000 computers worldwide in its first wave*. This ransomware/worm is particularly...

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22 Jun, 17

Settle for More, Not Less

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Broadcast satellite provider DirecTV last year ran an amusing ad series called “The Settlers” in which a pioneer-style family – complete with log cabin, 19th century clothing and horse-drawn farming equipment – chose cable TV service in order to preserve their values as settlers. Their surrounding neighbors, with modern suburban homes and all the...

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10 May, 17

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