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New Enhancements for Array’s SSL VPN Products

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We’ve recently released a number of important enhancements for the AG Series and vxAG SSL VPN appliances as part of AG release 9.4. Now available in this release are email-based hardware ID self-registration, support for macOS 10.14, and DesktopDirect support for Windows Server 2016 and 2019 as remote desktops. Email-based hardware ID self-registration automates...

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04 Jul, 19

Performance and scalability that keeps critical applications safe – AVX performance benchmarks using Next-Gen Firewalls

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As IT organizations continue to employ new cloud and hybrid cloud architectures, enterprise security professionals are increasingly leveraging virtual firewalls or next-gen firewalls in order to meet the new challenges these modern architectures generate. Unfortunately, many times these virtual security appliances face serious performance problems when deployed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. Array’s AVX...

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19 Jun, 19

Array’s Latest AMP Release Offers New Enhancements

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The Array Management Platform (AMP) has a number of new enhancements in the latest release, version 2.1. Announced just last year, AMP provides centralized configuration, monitoring and analytics for Array application delivery controllers (ADCs) and SSL VPNs deployed in private clouds. AMP also provides instant insight into user behaviors for audit and analysis, and...

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05 Jun, 19

Solving IT’s SSL/TLS Traffic Dilemma

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As the volume of data traffic continues to explode on today’s enterprise networks, IT is working harder than ever to balance the often competing priorities of performance, availability, and security. One relatively new phenomenon has emerged that presents a new wrinkle for IT to consider as new networks are architected; the new “normal” that...

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06 May, 19

Network Functions Platforms ‘Under the Hood’

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The Old And New Worlds We’ve posted previously about how our AVX Series Network Functions Platforms are part of the next big step in networking, similar to the changes brought about by the advent of the smartphone in our personal and business lives. Like smartphones, the Network Functions Platforms bring three important changes –...

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27 Mar, 19

DNS Flag Day and Array ADCs

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Last Friday was officially DNS Flag Day. Going forward, DNS software and service providers will remove workarounds for non-compliant systems in order to improve DNS efficiency, and to support new mechanisms for DDoS protection. This change will affect servers that do not comply with the original DNS standard (RFC1035) or the EDNS standard (RFCs...

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06 Feb, 19

Array Now Validated with Nutanix AHV 5.5

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Recently, Array’s virtual vAPV application delivery controller and vxAG virtual SSL VPN achieved re-validation with the latest version of the Nutanix hypervisor, AHV 5.5. Our ADC and SSL VPN products first attained ‘Nutanix Ready’ status in 2015. We see great synergies between our products; the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud converges server, storage and virtualization resources,...

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29 Nov, 18

Array’s Network Functions Platform: In the Winners’ Circle

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Today we have a new honor and distinction to report. Throughout Array’s history we’ve used industry-leading Intel technologies as the foundation for our various product lines, and the AVX Series is no exception. Last week, Intel announced the first ever Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle, which recognizes organizations and solutions that deliver technical leadership,...

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26 Oct, 18

The (R)Evolution of Networking

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Technology in our professional and personal lives is constantly evolving, and has been since the very first products were introduced. Today, we’re on the cusp of the next big step in the evolution of networking, a leap so large that it could well be considered a revolution. For perspective, think back on how your...

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23 Jul, 18

Array’s New ADC Series: What It Means for You

posted in ADC, Application Delivery Controllers, Global Server Load Balancing, IaaS, LBaaS, Server Load Balancing, SSL Intercept, SSL Offloading, virtual adc by

Last week, we announced a new software version (version 10.2.x) as well as new hardware platforms (the x800 Series) for our APV Series application delivery controllers. The new APV x800 Series physical appliances (APV1800, 2800, 5800, etc.) offer industry-leading performance across multiple metrics, 40 Gig-E interfaces, and enhanced SSL performance. Depending on the model,...

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19 Apr, 18

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